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2010-01-17 15:56:12 by KillJoy101

I've started work on a professional graphic novel to send in to Nintendo®. It's a comic that details the origin of the Mario Bros., how they went from The Mushroom Kingdom© as babies to Brooklyn and back to the MK as adults, their first showdown with Bowser, and their claim to fame. 95% of the story takes place during the events of Super Mario Bros.

The part where you audio portal masters come in is that I am compiling a play list of Super Mario Bros themes (the underwater theme, the castle theme, underground theme, and especially the over world theme [the best!]) to fit with the whole comic, advertise with maybe, listen to while I work to hold complete passion and inspiration and to be at my best, and release as an official complimentary play list to go with the comic (in which case I will compensate those who contribute if I approve their song). The problem is I can't find any epic Mario music on the web. So, please, I ask of you artists out there to give it a shot. Try making some epic ass Super Mario themes. Remixes, renditions, remastered, etc. The guidelines are below:

1.) Any of the tracks found in Super Mario Bros. are eligible. The most needed and essential being the main theme (over world theme) of the franchise.

2.) Must sound or be orchestrated (i.e. Guitars, drums, vocals, etc.)

3.) No need for loop so don't worry

4.) Multiple submissions will be accepted

5.) The comic will be a bit more epic in tone, so Epic renditions and such are preffered and recommended (good examples of epic remixes here in the Audio Portal are Devastation's Doorway, Mario Goes Epic, etc. Other good examples are tracks from the game Super Mario Galaxy %u2122 for the Wii ® (especially Final Bowser Battle).

6.) Try your best please. A professional job is needed. (Remember, the music submitted could be used for advertising the graphic novel, used as a complimentary official play list, etc.)

7.) Must be catchy, true to original work, and retain the overall Super Mario feel!

8.) The main Super Mario Bros. theme is most appreciated and most important (multiple submissions of this song are highly welcomed!)

9.) Deadline: There really isn't a deadline, but the latest date for accepted submissions would be around 9/1/10

10.) Best of luck!

Take a look at other songs found here in Newgrounds such as Devastation's Doorway, Mario goes Epic, MonstrousTurtles, SMB Over world Orch 69 piece, etc. Other perfect example songs can be found in the Wii ® game Super Mario Galaxy (Airship theme, Bowser Final Battle theme, Galaxy Reactor theme,etc.) and in the Wii game Super Smash Bros Brawl %u2122 ( Castle/ Fortress theme, Super Mario Bros. Medley, etc.). [I DO NOT OWN OR CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF THE SONGS LISTED ABOVE. THEY ARE PROPERTY OF THE ARTISTS WHO COMPOSED THEM.] [ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED BY NINTENDO FOR THE WII GAME CONSOLE GAMES LISTED ABOVE.]

So if you're interested, just e-mail me or reply to this post, give it a shot, do your best, and well take it from there. Who knows, if I am able to get the comic published with Nintendo's permission I might be able to recommend the artists who contributed to the play list. Maybe I could even continue making more graphics novels for them. BTW, if anyone doesn't believe I am actually in the process of creating a graphic novel based on the Super Mario %u2122 franchise, ask me for a page of the comic and I will gladly send it to you! Thanks for taking the time to read this guys. Until next time, Killjoy101 out. Good luck!

Super Mario Bros.

2009-09-26 21:28:11 by KillJoy101

Ok NG world, this is my first post and it's a sort of big one. Recently I've started work on a Super Mario Bros. comic. It's all about how they came to the MK, their origin as babies, why Koopa's so bad, the Bros' claim to fame, and all the other things that make Mario so great. It's going to be based off of the granddaddy of all games and where it all began, Super Mario Bros.. The thing is that I could really use some amazing music while I work on the project. I like to listen to music while I work sometimes to keep me motivated and to keep the comic at its best. This is where Newgrounders come in, I need some of the best portal artists to make Mario music based on the songs found in Super mario Bros.: Overworld (especially esppecially especially!!!), Underwater, Castle, Underground, and the Starman theme. The other themes aren't as important as the overworld theme. What I'm looking for is a list of epic and awesome remixes of the Mario theme. I want these songs to be orchestrated or something, as long as their catchy, epic, and stay true to the Super mario Bros. theme. The epicness must contain guitars and/or other string instruments, possibly drums, the works. Basically I need epic versions of the Mario themes. If you feel up to the challenge, put your best work and effort into the music and send them to me or notify me of where I can find it. It will be extremely appreciated. Who knows, maybe i can mention you to professional artists or so on, etc. Maybe even to Nintendo..? I plan of finishing the comic within a year to three years (doubt it will take THAT long though) and submitting the idea to Nintendo and its official magazine, Nintendo Power. If all goes well, Super mario Bros. will be an official comic that hardcore fans, like myself, havebeen hoping for with an in-depth backstory for how things came to be. So please, I look forward to seeing epic Super Mario Brothers theme song submitions. I'll probably post again soon sometime. Until then, see you soon NG.
Epic Mario themes
Must be orchestrated or something that effect
Needs to be epic: look to Devastation's Doorway or Super Mario Orch submitions in audio portal (songs to that effect)
Guitar and/or strings
Wind Instruments
Synthesizers are welcome
Mario Goes Epic in audio portal (another similar reference)
May include original Mario theme straight out of game
True to the original
Super Mario Bros. theme!
Do your best
Professional Job?